Upcoming Events

We are so excited to be having our Church picnic in Tawasentha Park on the 29th of August. 

The Cost is $5.00 per person

Sign up in the Guest Service desk at one of our 3 Locations this Sunday! 

David Hogan has a ministry that is filled with signs, wonders and miracles! Him and his team have seen over 500 people raised from the dead in the Mexico over the years. 

We are so excited to have David in our church for two special nights in September!  

Weekly Events


Our A2J Support Group offers a unique approach to addressing the struggles,

hurts, habits, addictions and shortcomings of life.

Our group is based on the Word of God and enhancing

our personal relationship with Christ as we develop an

understanding of how to apply God’s principals to everyday living.

We extend a personal invitation for you to join us and experience the unconditional love of God 

and the sincere care and concern of His people.


Here at Victory we desire to see our young people buring for the things of God 

while they are in middle and high school. Between the messages we preach

and the challanges we give them, we believe Victory NeXgen Youth will   

grow up with the fire of God within them.

In order for us to see this next generation rise up and take 

there place as right heirs, we have to show them who they are 

and what exactly they have access to. 

NeXgen Youth take place during our midweek service

at 7pm in Colonie.  

During the Week

Intercessory Prayer                            Tuesday 7pm

Addicted 2 Jesus (A2J)                       Thursday 6pm

One Accord Service                           Thursday 7pm

NeXgen Youth                                    Thursday 7pm