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You’re a Natural!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

To all of you beautiful mothers reading, I have some inspiring news for each and every one of you. Know this. You are a natural. ‘Natural’ is defined as a person regarded as having an innate gift or talent for a particular task or activity. So when God made you a mom, He equipped you for this. He has given you every quality needed to fulfill His purpose in mothering your sweet children.

In my 14 years as a Mom to my beautiful son Jared, I have had many successes and yes, I have also had my share of “mom fails”. We can all probably attest to this. But through it all, God’s grace has undoubtedly surpassed every moment of my shortcomings. Though we fall short, we can trust Him to perfect His character in us to be the best moms we can be to our little and big blessings. My son now towers over me. How does that happen so quickly?! Well believe me it does, so bask in every beautiful and difficult moment because it flies by. There will be challenges, growth, ups, downs, craziness and lots of victories. Soak it all up as this mama life is so indescribably wonderful. Every part of it.

As moms, we are made simply to LOVE our children. With love comes deep affection, consistent discipline, never ending encouragement and endless time spent. Our children need to know that we love them. Always. No matter what. Whether they are making good or bad choices, our actions and words need to be encouraging and loving.


Here are a few examples that I know will make all the difference in the lives of our children:

“I love you ALWAYS, no matter what.

“I’m so proud of you!”

“You can do it, I know you can.”

“Jesus loves you and He has such awesome plans for you!”

“That was not the right choice, so there needs to be a consequence, but I love you always.”

“You need to say sorry because that was unkind. ALWAYS be kind.”

“You are kind, you are brave, you are smart, you are strong!”


Encouragement is the key to parenting. We are to be our kids’ biggest cheerleaders, their fiercest protectors, and the keepers of their hearts. They need to know they can trust us to do as we say. The closer we draw unto Jesus, the better a mom we will be. If we increase in His character, His unconditional love will pour through us to our kids. Loving like He does is the ultimate goal with others, especially our children.

To wrap up, motherhood is not perfection, but rather loving perfectly. Moms, you were made for this. Remember, you are a natural, because Jesus has made you so. We are natural moms serving a supernatural God!

God Bless your sweet souls!

Tanya Pratt

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